trek description

You can start in Marrakech and enjoy the early morning drive or stay locally and start fresh for your hike.

The trek starts from the village of Imi Oughlad in Imlil Valley and you ascend through the village to Tagadirt n´Ait Ali village.

Here you see the lifestyle of these mountain people and how they use the land around them to grow fruit trees and crops.

The hike continues to ascend to reach the pass and then descends to the hidden village of Tinzert where you see a typical unspoilt adobe village stacked up along the mountainside with steep terraced sides.

Lunch will be in the vicinity of the village before taking the high trail up out of the village with superb views.

The trail crosses woodlands and plateaus to bring you down to Asni market town.

This is a peaceful trek with full immersion in nature, green woodlands and the sound of birds; a great way to de-stress and enjoy the local lifestyle.


1 Day Hike from Imi Oughlad - Tagadirt nÄit Ali - Tinzert - Asni

You can start from Marrakech with an early morning drive up to the village of Imi Oughlad, or Asni if you are doing it in reverse.

The hike takes you through the villages of Imi Oughlad and Tagadirt nÄit Ali where you can see how these mountain people live and take care of their crops and animals. Fruit trees fill the terraced fields with fodder for animals growing between them, vegetables are also be grown. Leaving these two villages you leave the Imlil Valley below and ascend through woodlands of juniper, wild oaks and wild herbs. From the top, you descend to the small valley where you find the hidden village of Tinzert amongst terraced fields of wheat. Goats graze on shrubbery and children can be heard playing. This is a beautiful unspoilt region with adobe houses clinging to the mountainsides. After a lunch break, which may be either a picnic or perhaps in a local house, you ascend out of the village and cross plateaus and woodlands to emerge in Asni Valley.