trek description

This is a challenging high altitude one day trek that starts in Oukaimeden where you enter the Toubkal National Park.

The trail passes azibs and transhumance pastures as it climbs up to the high pass of Tizi n´ou Addi at 2960 metres, descends 1000 metres to Tinerhourhine and ascends back up to 2279 at Tizi n´Tamatert.

You can start in Marrakech and enjoy the early morning drive up to Oukaimeden, or stay in a local hostel or camp in the pasture land.

This trek is available from April to October as seasonal snowfall makes it unsuitable at other times.

At the pass of Tamatert you can be picked up and transferred to your preferred location for the night. If you are staying in Tamatert or Ait Souka or Imlil, you may wish to continue the trek to the village.


1 Day Challenge Trek from Oukaimeden to Tizi n´ou Addi, down to Tinerhourhine and up to Tizi n´Tamatert.

If you are up for a high altitude challenge then this one day trek might be for you.

You can start from Marrakech with an early morning drive up to the ski resort of Oukaimeden, or perhaps you prefer to camp in the local pasturelands in the area, waking up fresh to start the days hike. It runs between April and October when the snow has melted. You will be starting at around 2400 metres above sea level, so make sure to drink plenty of water as you will be spending most of the day above this altitude.

The day starts with a hike up the trail and into the Toubkal National Park passing the ancient transhumance pastures and stone azibs or animal shelters. Oukaimeden is known for its petroglyphs depicting animals, weapons and geometric drawings; shepherds and their families spend the summer months in these lands as they have done for centuries and have left these drawings to show life in a bygone time.

The trek takes you up the the pass of Tizi n´ou Addi at 2960 metres with outstanding views on the other side. After a rest, we descend the 1000 metres to the valley floor; Tacheddirt Valley, where we have a picnic lunch by the river prepared by our muleteer team. After lunch, we pass the village of Tinerhourhine and ascend the zigzag path up to Tizi n ´Tamatert which offers more breathtaking views. At 2279 metres, you can either descend to Imlil or take the transport directly to Marrakech. Trek time is around 7 hours.

If you are interested in visiting during the winter ski season, get in touch!