trek description

You can start in Marrakech and enjoy the early morning drive to the start point in Tansraght near Asni market town, or, you can stay nearer in one of the villages.

Many years ago, the trail leading up to Imsker was the only way to and from the higher villages, then the French built a road to access a mine further up the valley leaving the trail seldom used except by locals taking animals to and from their fields and tending to their fruit trees.

We hope to reinstate this beautiful trail as a superb option for a day trek start point. As you hike up the valley the river below splits, one side goes up to Imlil, the other to the Tacheddirt Valley.

Along this valley are many Berber villages with traditional adobe and stone houses perched on the mountainside watching over the fertile terraced fields below. There are also several hidden smaller valleys branching off, it is one of these that this hike takes you into.

There you will find 500 year old walnut trees giving you an some idea of how long these valleys have been inhabited.. at least double that time and maybe more...

The earth changes from yellow ochre to dark umber and then to a rich red, houses barely visible as they merge into the landscape. Fields of wheat are vibrant green in the spring and golden in the summer, in winter pairs of donkeys can be seen ploughing the land. This is a trek well worth undertaking to immerse yourself in the ancient Amazigh culture.


1 Day Hike to discover Berber Villages and Valleys lost in time.

You can start from Marrakech with an early morning drive up to the start point in Tansraght near the market town of Asni, or perhaps you prefer to camp or stay in a guesthouse in the local area, waking up fresh to start the days hike.

The day starts with a hike up the trail following the Imenane River to Imsker village where we cross the bridge and trek up the other side to reach a hidden valley. If the days are shorter, we can trek from the other side of the valley from Imsker to reach the entrance to the valley. The hike will take you through villages lost in time, people here rarely see anyone other than their own families and are very welcoming. We can organise to have tea and perhaps even lunch in one of the houses. We can also opt for a picnic lunch which our Mule team will prepare as you sit and absorb this wonderful landscape.

This trek can be from 6 to 8 hours of walking depending on the route you take. The guide will decide on the day depending on the weather as it can be muddy when wet. It is a circuit bringing you back down to Tansraght and to Asni. You can then be taken back to your accommodation.