trek description

Discover the different faces of the Sahara desert on this four day fully supported trek.

Challenge yourself, go solo, or go with a small group. This terrain is unforgiving, vast, breathtaking and you will feel your place in this world. A trek like this will challenge you in many ways, physically, mentally, emotionally and may well be transformational. The vastness of it will give you time for reflection, your mind can internalise and turn over buried issues and thoughts. It may be expansive in ways that you could not imagine. Whatever it is for you, you will leave with an unforgettable memory.

On this four day trek, you will see the remains of ancient civilisations. You will see the reality that it has undergone changes from being an ocean, to a savanah to the desert you now see and you will see evidence of this. Imagine, you will stand on what was perhaps 400 million years ago; the seabed.

You will follow in the footsteps of the nomads who trek from well to well in the hopes of finding water. You will camp in amazing wild places with the stars overhead. This is as near as you can get to leaving no trace, off the beaten track, into the wild and reconnecting back to nature. This is an authentic desert trekking experience. You may meet nobody, or you may meet nomads. You will see no vehicles unless they are military taking supplies to the border posts. You are responsible for taking care of your health, your feet, your gear, making sure you drink enough water, eat properly and sleep comfortably.

If this is for you, then get in touch because these treks are exclusive to us and our partner companies, you will not find them advertised elsewhere.


4 Day Sahara Desert Trek to discover the different faces of the desert.

You will arrive from Marrakech, and our driver will drop you off at your accommodation, this could be either a local desert guesthouse, or a family home depending on the group size.

After a welcome tea, a chat with the guide to explain about the trek, dinner will be served.

Day 1; In the morning after a leisurely breakfast you can take a trip to Mhamid to do last minute shopping if its required. You can then choose to visit Bounou Ksar which is an 800 year old village close to your accommodation, or if you are staying with a family, you can visit an ecological desert garden and see the bread being made for the lunch at the house. After lunch, the camel team will arrive and we pack all the water, food and gear for the four days.

Our trek starts after lunch when the hottest part of the day has passed. Coupled with the long journey from Marrakech and the environment, we feel it is best to give you a later start. The trek is around 4 hours and takes us to Tidri; this was the first Jewish settlement in Morocco and you will see evidence of their existence. We have tea, set up camp and enjoy the surroundings, the sunset and the stars until dinner is ready.

Day 2; This is the longest day of the trek, you will cover around 24 kilometres on stony ground and through sand dunes. This is when you really see the different faces of the desert. Our lunch break will be under a lone acacia tree. In the evening, we reach the first well where you can shower and freshen up. Drink tea, relax and enjoy dinner under the shelter of tamarisk trees.

Day 3; Today, after breakfast, which includes freshly made desert bread, we will take a walk to discover the remnants of an ancient seabed. After lunch at the camp, we pack up and trek for about 4 hours to the second well and camp in the dunes under tamarisk trees.

Day 4; From our camp, you can see the military posts on the border, but you will meet no-one. Nomads could be seen if there is any food for their animals. Today we trek to reach the palm grove where we have a lunch break and cross the dry Draa River bed close to the ancient Bounou Ksar to reach our guesthouse for the afternoon.

Day 5; Departure after breakfast.

If you wish to stay more days, just let us know.