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"I knew when I met you that an adventure was going to happen"

4x4 Tours from Marrakech

The environs of the High Atlas hide a maze of secluded valleys and Berber villages. A directive from the King states that by 2020 all villages should be accessible by road, have electricity, a school and some medical facility. This is fantastic for the inhabitants, it´s also great for us as we now have more amazing places to show you. Naturally the quality of some of these roads are only suitable for 4x4´s, making it a huge awesome playground of discovery.

As new villages become accessible, one must, however, bear in mind that some of the indigenous people, particularly women and children, may never have seen a tourist as their daily lives revolve around domestic and agricultural activities.

Please do respect this privacy and always, always, ask before taking photos and video, so that the delicate web of evolution and culture is not damaged. We are deeply passionate about our environment and take care to provide sustainable tourism as much as possible.

We also ask clients if they wish to bring any clothes, shoes or useful items to Marrakech, we can take them to be distributed in remote rural villages through village associations on our excursions and trips.

We have built up a network of families where we can take clients to have lunch in typical Berber houses.

This means that you are able to directly help a family and enjoy traditional local food in authentic surroundings.  It gives you the opportunity to really connect with the locals.

There are many ancient traditions and cultural ways in these regions that are totally alien to western lifestyles and what are considered norms, but, for these people, have remained unchanged for generations, mainly because they interact so closely with nature and their environment which can be very harsh at times, the family unit is so strong and it is productive for them.

You will find the indigenous Berber or Amazigh people incredibly welcoming, hospitable and friendly, happy in their lives and surroundings, at one with nature.

We offer these 4x4 Day Trips.


  • 2 valleys Asni, Imenane to Tacheddirt to Imlil.

  • 3 valleys Barrage, Kik Plateau, Moulay Brahim, Asni, Imlil, or Ouirgane Barrage, Amizmiz,

  • Asni to Oukaimeden and Ourika.

  • Amizmiz, Ouizgita, Lalla Takerkoust.

  • Lalla Takerkoust to Ouirgane Azzadene Valley

  • Marrakech, Agafay Desert, Lalla Takerkouste, Marrakech

  • Tahannout, Asni, Ouirgane, Amizmiz, Ouizgita, Lalla Takerkoust.

  • Ourika Valley and Setti Fatma

  • The Ouzoud Waterfalls

  • The Kasbah Trail

  • Essaouira

  • Sahara Desert Off Road Trips


4x4 Day Trips with Trekking
These trips have the added bonus of some trekking for a few hours.


  • Imlil plus a trek to the waterfalls and lunch in nature. 2 to 3 hrs walking.

  • Oukaimeden and Rock Art. Option for longer trek to discover more. Up to 6 hrs walking.

  • Imlil plus trek to Sidi Chamharouch with a picnic lunch. 6hrs walking.

  • Imlil plus trek to Aremd and Mzik with lunch in a local house. 3 to 4 hrs walking.

  • Ourika, Setti Fatma plus trek up the waterfalls. 2 hrs walking.

  • Ouirgane to Tassa Ouirgane with lunch in a local house. 2 to 3 hrs walking.

  • Imlil plus trek up to Tizi n´Tamatert pass. 5 hrs walking.

  • Imlil Valley, Aguersioual and Mattat. Option to trek over to Ait Assa in the Azzadene Valley, pick up and over Tizi n´Techt, return down Imlil valley. 3 hrs walking.

the trail to Tizi n´ou Addi, Oukaimeden
Tour with us in a 4x4 and visit secluded Berber Villages and Mountain Valleys