trek description

Oukaimeden is a famous ski resort and a must stay for winter sports lovers who come along in the winter season. In summer it is the pasturelands for the transhumance. Small stone shelters are occupied by shepherds and their families as they bring their herds of sheep and goats here for the lush pasture gifted from the snowmelt waters. Rock art can be seen in some parts of the High Atlas depicting animals and weapons, geometrical symbols and tools; these are ancient drawings made by these herders. Crossing several passes will allow for views to the countryside with a final ascent to Mount Toubkal. This trek encompasses many valleys, traditional adobe and stone villages and mountain passes as well as the summit trek to North Africa´s highest peak; Mount Toubkal, standing at 4167 metres.


Day 1: Imi Oughlad (1400 m) - Imsker (1360 m) - Agadir                                                                                      

From Imi Oughlad we head northward across the Imlil Valley and the Imenane Valley where we stop for a lunch break by the river near Imska. After our rest we ascend through rocky terrain and along goat paths to the Berber village of Tidli and then to Agadir where you will spend the first night in a family run gite. Lunch and dinner will be prepared for you. Approximate walking time of 7 hours.

Day 2: Agadir - Tizi n’Oukaimeden (2300 m) - Oukaimeden (2500 m) - Tizi  n’Addi (2900 m) - Tacheddirt (2400 m)      

After breakfast we load up the mules and depart for Tizi n´Oukaimeden where we will have a fantastic view across the transhumance plains where winter snow melt gives way to rich pasture. We re-enter the Toubkal National Park and enjoy a lunch break in the shade of some trees. From there we ascend to the pass of Tizi n´Addi and take the long descent down to Tacheddirt for the second night where tea will be waiting. Time for a welcome shower before the dinner. Long day of trekking with challenging ascents and descents.


Day 3: Tacheddirt (2400 m) - Tizi n’Tamatert (2270 m) - Imlil (1740 m) - Aremd (2000 m)                                   

From Tacheddirt we trek along the Imenane Valley to the Tamatert Valley crossing the pass of Tizi n´Tamatert and down to Imlil. Lunch on the way. We take the upper trails through Berber villages until we reach Aremd where the night will be spent in a riverside lodge.


Day 4: Aremd (2000 m) - Sidi Chamharouch - Toubkal Refuge (3207 m)   

Early start; around 9 am, to walk up the Ait Mizane valley passing by the holy shrine at Sidi Chamharouch (2400m). Here you will stop for lunch, which will be prepared by our cook; we then carry on walking to reach the Toubkal Refuge (3207m) where you will likely be sharing a bunk room with other trekkers tackling Toubkal early the next morning. Overnight in the refuge (3207m). 6 hour walk.


Day 5: Toubkal summit (4167 m) - Imlil (1740 m)

After a 5.00am breakfast, we trek up to Toubkal Summit. We start with a steep single path on the east side above the base camp; a very slow and progressive walk until Tizi n’ Toubkal (4000m) where you could see clearly the summit. Another 30 minute walk on the ridge to reach Mount Toubkal summit, which will provide marvellous moments observing the silent beauty of the rocks lit up with the sun’s first rays. Afterwards, we trek back down to the hut for lunch, and then an afternoon walk to return back to Aremd village and on down to Imlil where you can rest and enjoy a glass of mint tea while your transport arrives. 8 - 9 hour walk.


Grade T4