trek description

This six-day trek includes Toubkal ascent and walks past several Berber villages with a more detailed view on one village chosen according to personal preference. Besides wonderful views from the Toubkal Mountain, the green Ourika valley (Setti Fatma village) with a river cutting it in half; is another hidden gem of this walk. The trek continues up to Tacheddirt pass (3200 m) offering a view over the majority of the Atlas summits. The adjacent village of the same name lies in the heart of Imenane Valley where most of the trekking routes start. It leads over Tizi n´Mzik (2500 m) and Toubkal National Park with the Tamsoult waterfalls. The hike up the highest North African peak is the cherry on top and a nice ending to the whole trek.


Day 1: Ourika Valley – Setti Fatma (1600 m) – Timichi (2000 m)


Day 2: Timichi (2000 m) – Iabassene (2030m) – Tacheddirt (2400 m)


Day 3: Tacheddirt (2400 m) – Imenane Valley or Tacheddirt Valley – Aguersioual Pass (2100 m) – Imlil (1740 m).


Day 4: Imlil (1740 m) – Tizi Mzik (2500 m) – Azib n’Tamsoult


Day 5: Azib n’Tamsoult – Aguelzim pass (3650 m) – Toubkal Refuge (3207 m)


Day 6: Toubkal Refuge – Toubkal Summit (4167 m) – Aremd (2000 m) – Imlil (1740 m)


Grade T4/T5