About Lets Go 2 Morocco

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Why Lets Go 2 Morocco ?

If you are already in Marrakech with no particular plans, but know you would like to experience the local culture and landscape for one or more days. If you are planning your holidays and just need advice, or if you want help to plan your holiday program, just connect with me, send an email and.. Lets Go 2 Morocco!!

You won´t find any hard sell here with loads of regular tours, there´s plenty of those on hundreds of websites out there. What you will find are my exploits, in my playground and some great ideas of places to visit, explore, discover and where you can connect with local people in their lives. I have built up my own network of locals that I like to work with in their areas of expertise to bring you the most authentic and fulfilling adventures and experiences. The topics and areas I am most passionate about I offer classes and exclusive courses and seasonal events.

I have spent quite a lot of my time here researching, visiting places, talking to locals, visiting hotels and other types of accommodation to see what they are like and travelling all over the country in taxis, trains, buses, 4x4´s and local minibuses. I also love to walk. My love for the outdoors spans my whole life. All this means I have real genuine experiences to share, with hands on information.

I am British born, I spent 20 years in Ireland and 4 in Spain before moving to Morocco where I found a place to call home. While I was in Spain I decided to become Muslim, a life choice and one that brought me great contentment and inner peace. That means for you, the visitor to this land of contrasts, that I can be of great help as I straddle two lifestyles, in two continents, I can answer some of your questions, perhaps you have many and are not comfortable asking the locals, or worried perhaps you will offend or be misunderstood. I ask a lot of questions about many topics, and am very careful of my sources, as much of what you see in the media is corrupt.

After living for 4 years in Lalla Takerkoust 35 km outside Marrakech I moved to a typical Berber village 60 km south of Marrakech in the heart of a rural thriving agricultural community in the High Atlas Mountains. I had amazing neighbours and friends there regardless of language barriers. I rented a small local house with an incredible view from its terrace facing the mountains. Furnishings were locally made and simple, yet sufficient and purposeful using renewable resources grown in the region. I shopped in the weekly souk, for fresh produce grown nearby, meat reared by neighbouring farmers. Everything is seasonal and connected. Idyllic you may think. You will have to come and see for yourself what it is about this magnetic place I love so much and experience the incredible unforgettable hospitality of the Amazigh people that live there.

Lockdown 2020 threw me a curve ball and I relocated my base back to Ireland. I needed to be near my family and as an artist I needed to be somewhere I could better promote my work. Having such an amazing team in Morocco means I can continue my tours, trips, treks and adventures for my clients. I will be offering some unique exclusive and limited edition itineraries and experiences.


I am also a pastel artist and craftworker. You can visit my Etsy shop and other sites via this link:  https://linktr.ee/rebpowell

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Meet The Team

Hassan and Ferida, mule and Muleteer from Imlil

Hassan the Muleteer

Hassan is one of the muleteers, he is lovely gentle Berber Mountain man from Imlil and takes great care of his mule.. Ferida, the hard working mule who loves small oranges, apples and a warm place to sleep.

Idir the Desert Guide

Idir is my desert guide and a dear friend. He is from a small village called Regabi. He has a small organic garden and a lovely family who we try to visit a few times a year with clients. He is a wonderful historian and very knowledgeable about the desert.

Houssain the Guide from Asni who treks with our clients

Houssain the Muleteer

Houssain is one of the Berber guides we work with, he is from the mountain village of Imlil. His immense knowledge, gentle nature and great cooking skills make him an asset to any team.

Rachid the experienced trek guide in Imlil

Rachid the Guide

Rachid is an Amazigh guide I work with, he is my logistics manager and all round fixer. None of this would be possible without him. Passionate about his environment, he is adventurous, knowledgeable and friendly.

As with any team, there are people who help out from time to time, thanks to the city guides in Marrakech, Fes and Casablanca and Chefchaouen, the staff in the hotels, riads, desert camps and accommodations around the country, the many Amazigh villagers and those lovely people I have yet to meet.