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breakfast time at Dar Qamar in Agdz
Kasbah Africa, accommodation in the foothills of Toubkal
Accommodation options and what to expect


Morocco has many different types of accommodation, from goat hair desert tents, to luxury hotels, and all manner in between. The most popular are probably the riads in the old medinas. Once palaces and homes of tradesman and noblemen these houses have been restored and transformed into stunning hostelries. With their internal courtyards and ornate decorations, each one has its own unique charm. Wander the streets of the labyrinth outside and you would never imagine what lies behind those doors. In rural areas, family run guesthouses and auberges are traditionally decorated with locally made furnishings and artisan products. These colourful places offer warm Berber hospitality in beautiful countryside surroundings, ancient Kasbahs with their ingenious air conditioning: now replaced with more modern units, adobe walls red in the evening sunset: a romantic gesture from the southern regions. Coastal medinas clad in white and exotic blues, mountain villages in earth coloured stone and adobe, everywhere a contrast and yet all connected and intune with nature.

*Top Tip* 

Quite a lot of Accommodations have 3 bands of rates for low, mid and high season, always double check the prices in each catagory and clarify when your chosen accommodation has its dates as they do vary.

Whatever you are looking for, the service is usually excellent and the best food is homecooked, so take advantage of that menu offered in the riads.

Don´t believe what you see on a website, some places are not updated, particularly photos, ask questions to be sure of what you are getting. I have had some interesting suprises while visiting hotels and they are not ones I will be recommending.

All accommodations have to pay a city tax, ranging from 1 to 4 euro per person per night, this charge is rarely included in the advertised cost, so again ask, not to have an unexpected added cost. Many places ask for your marriage licence if you arrive as a couple and want to share a double room. This is because of Moroccan laws. This mostly applies to Moroccans with non Moroccans, but again ask to be sure.

In high season, and at festival times, rooms are booked up in advance, if you know you are coming, book early to avoid dissapointment. Booking for large groups is challenging too as many riads only have 5 or 6 rooms. If you have any questions, just send me an email.