Anti Atlas Treks

Anti Atlas Treks in the Saghro and Sirwa Mountains

The Anti Atlas runs almost 300 kilometres from the coastal city of Agadir to Ouarzazate with countless remote Berber Villages, ancient towns with hidden valleys and oases. It is somewhat less explored than the High Atlas, but no less beautiful.

This is serious trekking country, great for biking, horse riding and white water rafting when seasonal rains permit. This is also where the majority of saffron is grown in the area of Taliouine.

Colourful villages like Tafraoute are immersed in fruit and almond blossom in early spring, and are a photographers dream.

The summits of the Anti-Atlas Mountains reach on average, heights of 2700 m, with a few peaks reaching higher.

To the north lies a plateau at 1700 - 1800 m and to the south the Sahara highlands at approximately 700 m. In the mountains south of Ouarzazate, the massif is carved through by the Draa Valley as it pushes its way south to the desert.

The range is strongly fissured, particularly in a southerly direction. To the west is the Sirwa or Siroua Mountain and to the east, the remote, volcanic black ranges of the Saghro Mountain.

Each offers the serious trekker an epic adventure well off the beaten track. Panoramic views are outstandingly breath-taking with volcanic rock formations that are spectacular to see and make the best campsites to watch sunset and sunrise.