Central High Atlas Treks

Central High Atlas Treks

Contrasting landscapes with high plateaus, sculpted gorges, canyons and dominating peaks make up this region east of Marrakech between Azilal and the Ziz Valley.

The mighty peak that commands your attention, especially when snow covered between November and May, is Jbel Mgoun; at 4068 metres of altitude it rivals that of Mount Toubkal for peak bagging over 4000 m mountains.

This makes the Central High Atlas a popular area for treks of 4, 5, 6 or more days. Hidden valleys are the true gems to discover as you explore, along with the friendly local Berber populations that farm those fertile stretches.

Ait Bougamez is often referred to as the "happy valley" reflecting the generous hospitality and demeanour of its inhabitants. Treks can be extended into the Dades Valley and Gorges with their numerous kasbahs in varying states of ruin and repair.

This truly is a spectacular region for its outstanding visual beauty, history, cultural festivals and incredible trekking routes.