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"Our mission is to empower, educate and inspire as many people as possible to love and enjoy good food"

Jamie Oliver

You are coming to Marrakech, one of the worlds top gourmet cities, you love the food, and you really would like to learn a few dishes to take home and amaze your friends and family. I love to cook and spent years doing just that, my son runs his own restaurant in the gourmet capital of Ireland so it´s a natural passion for us. Check out

I have researched and selected a few venues that suit the type of classes I would like to offer and in the locations that give a super day out as well.

The classes are as much about the experience and connection with the food, its sources and the people who grow it as actually learning to cook the dishes. I guess it´s a holistic approach to cooking. Too many people are disconnected from the source of their food these days and I propose to redress that in my classes. So for example, couscous; it does not come in a packet to which you add water, wait 20 mins and then eat; here you will see it made from the raw ingredients and taste the difference 3 hours or so later. Classes can be on days that coincide with local souk days: weekly outdoor markets where the locals buy and sell their produce. Also, depending on the time of year, seasonal ingredients may be foraged for, or collected or picked from local growers in their terraced fields. Meat will be fresh, perhaps even still alive, like the chickens; we choose one and wait for it to be processed. You may be somewhat out of your comfort zone, but that is the natural way of living here, everything is seasonal and all things are connected.

Can you imagine yourself sitting on a terrace of a small Berber house, in a village perched on the mountainside and all around below you are terraced fields of cherries, apples, walnuts, olives and vegetables and the hens are foraging around in the undergrowth, sheep and goats roam the hillsides and the sun is shining down on you? Location location!! This is the village of Mzik, close to Imlil in the Toubkal National Park just below Mount Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa at 4167mts. Just the drive alone to reach this valley is a day out, plus you will go to Asni Saturday souk on the way to buy ingredients. At Mohammed´s house you will learn to prepare a three course traditional meal and of course learn the art of tea making. Classes are small, no more than 6 participants, 2 or 4 is better. Departure from Marrakech will be at 09.00am.

Class Mzik: price per person based on 2 people with transport to and from Marrakech (70km each way), includes shopping, all ingredients, welcome tea on arrival is €85.00 per person.

Class at Dar DB in Ourika: We have partnered up with this ecological hotel to bring you the perfect culinary experience. Once at the location, you will learn about the herbs and spices used in Moroccan kitchens and see them growing in the organic garden. If time permits, you will go to buy the ingredients in the local market and return to prepare and cook your meal in the dedicated cooking class kitchen. This class can be extended to include an overnight at this breathtaking panoramic location with pool, extensive gardens and terraces. Ask me about this cooking class.

Cooking Class in a local house: It is possible to come to a house in Tagadirt n´Ait Ali near Asni for a rural cooking class if booked in advance to enable us to get ingredients in time. Many people do not know the correct way to cook couscous as they follow instructions on the packet of processed couscous. One of my neighbours teaches how to make couscous from basic raw ingredients; flour, oil and water, this gives an amazing result nothing like the packet couscous. You would also learn some local salad dishes. Tagines can be an option if you prefer. This is done at my neighbours house (because they have a western flushing loo). This is a great day out for a group of women. For more info, email or whatsapp me.

Lean to cook traditional Moroccan Berber Dishes at our cooking classes
A Day Trip to the souk and a Berber village for a cooking class
Cooking Classes in a Berber Village
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