"To bring you back to the natural origins of your ingredients, to reconnect you to the earth from which they derive"

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"We are what we eat", however, many people have become disconnected with the origins of their food. Opting to surf online or browse glossy catalogues to find our food sources seems to become the norm for many, including chefs. Food has become art on a platter, often unrecognisable, synthetic and even flavourless. These courses propose to bring you back to the natural origins of your ingredients, to reconnect you to the earth from which all things derive. The fountain of abundance, not just "farm to fork" but earth, seed, animal, plant, tree and their environments where everything is connected.

These courses are designed for chefs who are dedicated to their craft and in search of new ways with food that integrate old ways of knowledge. They are for foodies that really want to connect with their ingredients. Expect to be taken out of your comfort zones and have your senses bombarded.

The aim of these courses is to lead you down a path that will reawaken your senses, breakthrough the corridors of time to reconnect you with real raw ingredients, to learn new approaches and integrate them into your lives and businesses.

In Morocco, the connection local Amazigh people have with their animals, their knowledge of correct care, when and how to process them for the table is still very much alive and part of the culture. Meat and vegetables are excellent in quality and flavour. Traditions and recipes are handed down though generations only by watching and by word of mouth, everyone can cook.

The use of herbs and spices is an area many westerners are wary and afraid of using, yet these precious and abundant treasures are a delight to the palate and senses. These people know how to layer them to give amazing yet simple dishes.

You can learn this too, join one of our courses, small groups of no more than 6 people, at different times of year the tour alters to bring in seasonal changes of produce.

Chefs and Foodie Courses and Tours
These tours are designed to work with the seasonal abundance of produce.


  • Choose from a 2 or 4 day to a 8 or 11 day tour.

  • Small groups of no more than 8 people.

  • All inclusive package; transfers, guides, tours accommodation, meals and classes.

  • Weekend getaway includes a cooking class in a High Atlas Mountain Village.

  • The 4 Day Tour includes a gastronomical tour of Marrakech and one cooking class.

  • The 8 Day Tour includes 2 cooking classes and a food tour of Marrakech.

  • The 11 Day Tour includes 2 cooking classes, a Marrakech food tour and a mystery cook off.

  • Classes will be in 2 totally different environments: mountain and / or desert locations.

  • Rewilding Chefs and Cooks: collecting wild herbs and greens and learning how to use them, learning what´s good and what´s poisonous, learning to listen, look, smell and taste, visiting local producers and working with different ways of cooking outside.

  • 2 Environments: a taste of the desert and the mountains, a week long tour that incorporates these diverse locations.

  • For the adventure hungry, we have one tour that incorporates cooking and trekking in the High Atlas, mule assisted to carry the gear, foraging, campfire cooking and cooking class in a Berber village.