High Atlas Day Treks

High Atlas Day Treks and Hikes

The environs of Marrakech offer many exceptional one day treks for all levels including families, groups, individuals, couples and anyone who would like to discover for themselves what everyone is talking and writing about.

We have built up a network of families where we can take clients to have lunch in typical Berber houses. This means that you are able to directly help a family and enjoy traditional local food in authentic surroundings.  It gives you the opportunity to really connect with the locals.

There are many ancient traditions and cultural ways in these regions that are totally alien to western lifestyles and what are considered norms, but, for these people, have remained unchanged for generations, mainly because they interact so closely with nature and their environment which can be very harsh at times, the family unit is so strong and it is productive for them.

Please do respect the privacy and always, always, ask before taking photos and video, so that the delicate web of evolution and culture is not damaged. We are deeply passionate about our environment and take care to provide sustainable tourism as much as possible. We also ask clients if they wish to bring any clothes, shoes or useful items to Marrakech, we can take them to be distributed in remote rural villages on our longer treks. You can find out more on our community projects.

You will find the indigenous Berber or Amazigh people incredibly welcoming, hospitable and friendly, happy in their lives and surroundings, at one with nature.