High Atlas Hikes and Treks

High Atlas Treks

The High Atlas Mountains dominate the skyline from so many places, especially in the heart of winter when its peaks are covered in snow; usually from November to May, though some years that has been different. The slopes glow pink when the sun sets, turning gold too at times. These peaks hide a myriad of remote valleys and villages, small towns like Imlil; the trail-head for most treks to Mount or Jbel Toubkal, are reached by local transport or mules.

These are the indigenous people: the Amazigh; friendly, hard-working farmers, artisans and mountain guides. These mountains are majestic, regal and amazingly diverse; each valley having different geological composition arising in varying vegetation, trees, earth colour and cultivated crops.

This is where the legendary hospitality is most apparent.

This is our favourite playground....... where epic adventures are waiting.

Follow the links below to some of our treks in and around these valleys, villages and mountains. There are of course more options, more days available, and we are happy to customise your tour to suit your requests. You can also combine treks in different regions; the most popular being the High Atlas and the Sahara Desert. We are happy to host charity events, expeditions for groups, clubs and associations, team-building events for corporate groups and family outings.