Marrakech Guided Tours

Marrakech is the most popular city to visit in the world according to the latest polls. It is easy to see why when you realise just how much is in this ancient mystical and vibrant medina. Its history stretches back a thousand years and you can still see original parts of the first buildings. Marrakesh is divided into the old medina and the new city of Gueliz with many other suburbs. The main focus is the UNESCO heritage site of Djemaa el Fna, the huge square that is the thriving, thronging hub of the old medina. Once a trading centre for caravans bringing goods from the Sahara, a hive of storytelling , visual arts and artisans, it is now a colourful centre for many activities and a huge street food market. At night it is alive with music, enticing aromas, great food, Gnawa musicians, snake charmers and many other attractions.

This place has a strange draw, a magnetism that keeps pulling you back to visit.

From this central point there are many small alleyways and streets that make up the old medina. It is in this labyrinth that you can discover the historical monuments and palaces, the museums and mosques. To the north are the Souks and Ben Youssef Mosque, the Quoba, Marrakech Museum and the oldest parts of the medina. To the south, the Saadian tombs, Bahia and Badi Palaces, the Tiskiwin Saharan Museum, Dar Si Said Museum and the Mellah. There are of course many other places to visit.

Marrakech has many beautiful green spaces and some notable gardens. The Majorelle Gardens, with its distinctive blue building is a delightful escape from the crazy souks. It represents the 5 continents in its clever design and has an interesting history linked to the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

The most visual landmark in the city is the Koutoubia Mosque, standing at a magnificent height of seventy metres, with four different faces; it is visible for many miles in all directions. It was originally built by the Almohads and is the oldest and most complete of three similar minarets of the same era. The others are in Rabat and in Seville, Spain.

Morocco is a hive of artisan activity and Marrakech has its share of incredible craftsmanship. Narrow streets with tiny workshops are the daily life for many skilled artisans bent over their toil producing exquisite work for sale the world over. There is no such thing as Made in China here; everything is crafted from locally sourced raw materials, from recycled finds and foraged sustainables. The sheer volume and variety of products is astounding, and if you can´t find what you are looking for, someone will make it to order.

A visit to Marrakech has to include a guided city tour to really discover its hidden treasures. You can opt for a half or a full days exploring. We work with the Marrakech Association of Tour Guides, to provide our clients with an authentic experience with only the best licensed knowledgeable guides. They will take you to places you could never find alone and impart their wealth of information in an informed and relaxed manner. Many of these guides are multi-lingual too. There are always new opportunities coming on-stream and you can have your tour streamlined for visiting gardens, to have a food tour or a shopping tour with your own personal shopper. Our guide will meet you at your accommodation usually around 9 or 9.30 and if your group is 20 or more it is a legal requirement to have 2 guides.

Lunch, drinks and tips are not included.

Price per person from: €25.00 depending on the size of the group and if it is a full or half day.


Full day Guided Tour of Marrakech Medina and Gardens
Half day Guided Tour of Marrakech Monuments and Museums
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