Multi Day Tours around Morocco

"Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher."

William Wordsworth

Tours around Morocco

I have used pretty much every type of transport to get around Morocco, except the donkey, and each one has its merits depending on circumstances. That being said, I would advise if your time is limited and your budget allows, that you use a driver and a guide. This country is bigger than people imagine, getting from city to city takes longer than you think and local transport, although reasonably good, doesn´t always go where you want to go or at any regular time or speed for that matter.

You can lose a lot of time just getting from place to place. If you have loads of time then this can be an enjoyable part of the experience and a way to interact with other travellers and locals.

Other benefits of having your own driver: you can stop for photos, to eat and to use the loo as you need to.. buses only stop every few hours for that. You plan your route and all the places to visit, your accommodation is pre booked, everything organised beforehand, this means you know all the costs before you arrive and there are no nasty surprises or hidden extras to deal with.

Usually there is flexibility built into the tour and your guide is there to assist you if there are any problems, he can translate, help you barter for purchases, show you where to change money, all the things that can lose you time. He will take you to places you would never find alone, meet locals in remote places and have fun. Your guide is there to make sure you have the best possible holiday experience here in the Kingdom of Morocco.

There is so much to see and do in this country I would fill too many pages if I start to write about it here. I have travelled a lot of routes, visited many places and have many to recommend. I design tours for people based on their requirements and a few basic nuggets of information. If you are solo or a group of twenty, it´s what I do, and I enjoy each new challenge.

I work with a hand-picked group of professionals who strive to give  excellent service in their respective fields of expertise. I use accommodations that I have personally visited, often stayed in and eaten in, so I know what you can expect in all areas. A hotel can look amazing on their website, but in reality can be a different story, believe me I have had some strange surprises. I would say star ratings vary from 2 to 4, I generally don´t use big luxury accommodations as they are not usually local family run with staff from the locality that go that extra mile to see you smile. Having said that, there are some pretty amazing luxury hotels.

So, whatever your ideas, plans, thoughts, or dreams, send me an email and Lets Go 2 Morocco!!!

Top Tips to consider when planning a multi-day tour in Morocco.


  • How many days do you have... don´t forget to include travel days and consider your choice of airport.

  • How much time are you prepared to spend on the road.

  • What sort of accommodations.

  • What sort of activities would interest you.

  • Do you have a budget.

  • What do you want to see / experience.

  • What about the food, do you have allergies, special dietary needs.

  • Are you a solo traveller, a family, a group of friends, a couple or a works group.

  • Are your arrival / departure times early in the morning or late at night.

  • How do you want to travel.

  • Do you want to hire a driver and vehicle.

  • Do you want to use Guides ( we strongly recommend this).

  • Do want to go off into the desert and live with the nomads.

  • What time of the year would you like to come.

  • Would you like to organise a retreat or workshop on a once off or regular basis.

  • Would you like to teach art or yoga.

  • There are many options here, what is your dream holiday idea??