Off The Beaten Track in Morocco

"Archaeology gives a sense of place. It grounds us within the landscape and every place is unique."

Archaeological and Geological Tours

We have created a unique opportunity for you to see Morocco from a different angle.

Sustainable tourism is very important to us; therefore an authentic experience is guaranteed.
Discover Ancient Civilisations, Ksours (castles), Kasbahs (fortresses), Fossils and Rock Art!

off the beaten track morocco

Discover Ancient Civilisations, Ksours, Fossils and Rock Art!

MOROCCO, North Africa is just full of amazing ancient artefacts to discover and visit. We have put together 2 tour suggestions for 10 days so you can come with like minded people and immerse yourself in this wonderful experience.

10 Day Tour Option #1

This visual, cultural, historical and informative adventure starts off with an assault on all your senses as we begin our week in the ancient red city of Marrakech.

We’ll spend the first night in the 1000 year old medina and the next day we travel to the High Atlas to discover some of the secret rock art.

We follow parts of the old salt route and visit historical Ksours in the heart of Amazigh countryside.

Heading south to the Sahara we find ourselves back in time wandering ancient sites, looking for transhumance rock art, visiting nomadic settlements and spending time with locals.

On the final day, we take a guided tour of Marrakech to discover its hidden secrets.

To find our the full itinerary and additional information, costs and what is included; follow the link.

10 Day Tour Option #2

We created an unique opportunity for you to see Morocco from a different angle. Sustainable tourism is very important to us, therefore it is guaranteed that you will be provided an authentic experience.

During your 10 days in Morocco you will discover Ancient Medinas, Archaeological and World Heritage sites, a fortified Medieval Necropolis, a Roman City and an oasis town, fields rich in Fossil remains and Minerals. You will enjoy delicious local food, wonderful hospitality and So much More.

For more information, price and the full itinerary; please click on the link.

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