Sahara Desert Treks

Sahara Desert Treks and Agafay

Morocco is fortunate to be situated on the edge of one of the world’s largest unspoilt regions: the Sahara Desert. As winds sweep across, shifting grains of sand fill the impressions of footprints and tracks, removing all traces of mankind over and over again. There is however, much more to this landscape than its golden undulating shifting dunes.

Much of the desert is made up of rock strewn hammada and fossil fields where evidence of the long disappeared sea has left its traces. Many plants and shrubs grow alongside seasonal riverbeds, tamarisk trees send out their extensive root systems which hold together this ever moving land; this is where you can find the nomadic tribes with their herds of camels and goats. Remote oases guarded by ancient palm trees are gathering places for animals, for nomads and for women doing their washing.

This makes up a magical mystical dream destination for trekkers who are willing to challenge themselves against the elements. Walk with a nomadic family for a few days, discover their ways of living in this environment, how they find water and prepare their food.

Sleep in traditional camel and goat hair tents and on rugs woven by the women, learn how to cook bread in the sand and find your way with the stars. Experience sunsets and sunrises out of this world, and the immensity of the sky; this at night is unbelievably spectacular.

We customise treks in the regions of both Merzouga and M´hamid where the largest dunes of Erg Chebbi and Erg Chegaga are located. Treks can be combined with other activities: a popular Atlas and Sahara trek can be arranged. If archaeology and geology are interests then we can include rock art and fossil exploring.

For those who are limited on time, or do not wish to make the journey south to the Sahara, then the rocky desert of Agafay just outside Marrakech is a great place to trek for one or two days. It has hidden gorges and dry river beds, rocky peaks and hidden villages, oases and that sought after feeling of remoteness.

Finding Artefacts in the Desert
2 Day Archaeological Trek in the Sahara
Idir with an ancient grindstone
3 Day Sahara Trek
Agafay Desert Marrakech
3 Day Trek in the Rocky Agafay Desert
Camel rides across the desert
4 Day Sahara Trek for Active Families
Ancient Fossil Field
4 Day Trek Different Faces of the Sahara
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