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Fadila Muhammad

Awesome Lifetime Experiences guided by, knowledgeable, insightful, tierless, & personable Karima and staff.

Zarinah El-Amin Naeem reviewed Lets Go 2 Morocco – 5 star

3 November at 17:20

Karima and her team are amazing. Very detail orientated and truly people who care about those around them. We had a beautiful time.

Donna Craighead‎ to Lets Go 2 Morocco

31 October at 15:58

Morning Karima,
We, Badriyyah, Kim and I arrived safely in Detroit last nite and all is well. I can not Thank You enough for the most wonderful experience of my life and something I will never forget. Please stay true to yourself and may your heart continue to be good. I pray that God Almighty continues to bless and keep you,
Peace and Love My Sister Karima,


"Excellent Experience Everytime!"

Aug 23, 2016 Reviewed by BrookeofTheHills

I live in Morocco full-time and still use Karima’s services for my various travel needs. She is exceptionally knowledgeable, easy and fun to work with. Karima loves the work she does and it shows! I am always looking forward to my next adventure with Lets Go 2 Morocco.


"Re: a truly great companion!!"

Aug 22, 2016 Reviewed by Nahida E

I am so grateful to a friend who connected me to Karima. my trip would have not been the same without her! Firstly I was so impressed with Karima knowledge of the local flora and fauna! I need to go back to learn ♡ She made sure I always got good bargains and never allowed anyone to rip me off! The bond that was created in a few days, I know, will last a lifetime ♡ I look forward to more adventures with her! I highly recommend Karima, for anyone solo Sisters especially... Thank you.. from the bottom of my heart


"Trekking on Atlas mountains"

Aug 21, 2016 Reviewed by yvallipuram

What an amazing Experience. Karima was great organizing everything for six persons on our trek. Our guide Rashid was very friendly and guided us all the way through keeping us safe and sound. He knew his stuff about the mountains and gave great information through out the 3 nights .The whole experience was one of the best thing I have ever done. People from the villages on the mountain were welcoming and friendly and I would do this all again if I could. Thank you to Rashid and Karima for organizing one of the the most memorable overall experience. Karima is fairly knowledgeable about the Moroccan culture and other interesting places to visit in Morocco. I enjoyed the trip very much.


"Imlil trip"

Aug 14, 2016 Reviewed by colgate12

My first trip to Morocco was a challenge and had very little idea as to what activities i could do, through a friend i was introduce to Lets Go 2 Morocco, who had not only organised all my activities but been very supportive and informative and most importantly ensured my safety. I recommend their service to everyone who wants to make the most out of their holiday. I am planning to visit Morocco again and i will only use them.

"AMAZING 10-day guided tour of Morocco"

3 days ago Reviewed by FlyWithMeTee  2/11/2016

A self-led trip to Morocco wouldn't have come close to providing the kind of experience that Karima and Lets Go 2 Morocco provided. Karima is knowledgeable, courteous, flexible, and detailed. She also has all the intangible ingredients --a gentle wit and a genuine cultural sensitivity-- that make for an excellent tour guide. I've traveled a bit with guides before, but never at this great a scale. Karima put together a diverse itinerary that circled the heart of Morocco: Casablanca to Rabat and Fes, then to Mezouga and the Sahara, then to Lake Takerkoust, Marrakesh, and back to Casablanca. Along this extensive route, extra goodies were thrown in: A stop to see a curious clan of monkeys who have no problem snatching human-centric food and drink from open vans; an impromptu photo opportunity at the highest point of the Lower Atlas Mountains. Karima's creativity and understanding brought Morocco to life; it made a beautiful country "real." This wasn't a sightseeing-only, hands-off, take-a-picture-and-leave tour. No. Karima encouraged us to see, touch, hear, taste, and smell Morocco, from traversing Fes and Marrakech's bustling open-air markets (souks), to experiencing the absolute still that can only be found in the Sahara at dawn. From dancing to the traditional music of Sudanese migrants who've long-since settled in Morocco, to settling down (on our stomachs and backs), and experiencing a traditional Moroccan hammam and massage. Karima was available to help our group bargain for a best price if needed, but she also kept back, giving us the confidence to try to haggle on our own. Her sense of timing was perfect in this regard. Handling such a large group (about 25 persons) has its own set of challenges --scheduling being one of them-- but never once did I see Karima lose her cool, even when drivers or other tour guides were in her ear, trying to carry the group along. Again, her sensitivity and sense of balance showed through. I could write on forever, but a summary is best. If ANYONE is even contemplating a trip to Morocco for any reason, I encourage you to give Karima and Lets Go 2 Morocco a call/email. If Karima and her staff cannot help you (which, I presume, is highly unlikely), they will undoubtedly forward you to someone who can. That's the type of love Karima has for her profession, and for her adopted home country of Morocco. Karima and her colleagues are highlights on my timeline of adventure travel, and have provided a plethora of experiences I won't soon forget.

Anneke Jansma / 8/1/2016

Karima has a lot of knowledge, good taste and comes with interesting things.

Nellie Trew / 17/11/2015

Karima you have a wealth of knowledge of Morocco! So lucky to have met you. You were so generous in sharing it with me and explained everything. Thank you. You are a marvellous host!


Jennifer Schwitzer / 8/11/2015

We were lucky enough to meet Karima on the bus and she was so helpful to us with things to see and arranging accommodations that she was familiar with! And she arranged an amazing hammam! Wish I had planned my entire trip with her! This lady KNOWS Morocco!

Sarah O'Mahoney / 12/12/2014

First class service from the lovely Karima. She made us feel at home from the very start, providing tasty Moroccan tea and treats over a friendly chat. No ask was too big and she was a great help in planning our onward journey. I would love to return to do some longer tours & see more of beautiful Morocco! Thanks Karima!

Aishah B Rodriguez-Dickenson / 12/12/2014

Genuine Personal Attention.
Our day trip was comfortable and very accommodating. With 3 kids, traveling could be daunting at times, but we would do it all over again with Karima!