Day Trip to the Three Valleys

The combination of these three valleys brings you into secluded fertile valleys where daily life of the indigenous Berber inhabitants moves with time honoured traditions. Immerse yourself for a day and discover the real Morocco as you travel through this ancient landscape with its many hidden treasures and incredible vistas.

Small villages of adobe houses nestled in the mountainside with terraced fields, fruit and nut trees, bee hives and olive trees, here, everything works in sympathy with nature.

Many artisans produce excellent work in these villages for sale in the nearby souks. Visit Ourika Valley, Sidi Fares Valley, Asni Valley, and the village of Moulay Brahim and the Kik Plateau. An optional extra is to visit the rocky desert of Marrakech, Agafay Desert.

Different times of the year will offer the traveller a different experience; as the seasons change, so does the landscape and how the locals work with it. In the early spring, the hillsides are awash with the pale pink and white blossoms of the almonds and apricots, followed by the plums, apples and cherries. In the autumn, the air is filled with the aroma of ripening apples and the leaves are shades of yellow, orange and gold. In spring the Kik Plateau is a sea of waving green as every available field is planted with wheat to sustain the families with flour and animal feed, and straw to mix with mud for the adobe houses. Berber villages are at every turn and nestled in valleys.

The earth changes from dark brown to yellow and dark red, the landscape, from mountains with snow covered peaks to lush tree filled valleys and seasonal rushing rivers. Enjoy the warm welcome from these friendly locals and perhaps join them for some tea and lunch in one of their houses.

Price is per person based on 2 people with a private Guide, water in the car and lunch; soft drinks and tips are not included.

Price per person : €95. Price reduces with more people.

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