Jbel Toubkal Treks

Jbel Toubkal Treks

Mount Toubkal stands at 4167 metres above sea level and is the highest in North Africa and west of the Nile River.

Jbel or Jebel means Mountain and with its neighbouring peak of Ouanoukrim at 4088 metres form the Toubkal Massif. For half of the year it is usually covered in snow and although not classed as a technical climb, it does require crampons and ice axe for the ascent in winter. There are several faces and routes to the summit, it is however unsafe for those who do not know the paths well. As of 2019, Mountain Guides are now compulsory.

Winds can reach gale-force suddenly near the summit so great care must be exercised while at or near the summit. At that altitude oxygen levels are around 60%, therefore we generally stay no more than 45 mins at the summit for the photos and admiring the incredible panoramic views that can reach to the Sahara desert.

We offer winter and summer treks, either just to the summit, part of a circuit and also as part of a multi-day trek including Berber villages and valleys. They range in endurance, difficulty and length. The trail head village of Imlil has several places where you can hire gear and you should inform us if this is an option you are interested in. In summer you can also choose to camp and we supply all the tentage.

Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness can climb Toubkal; we offer treks that give you a few days to acclimatize before the summit bid.

Jbel Toubkal should perhaps be considered the cherry on the top of a very large cake and best enjoyed as part of a trek that takes you to authentic remote villages and valleys where you can enjoy the local hospitality, culture and learn about the history of the Amazigh people that inhabit the region.

Targa Village looking up to Toubkal
2 Day Winter Toubkal Trek
Tamsoulte Refuge and terraced fields
4 Day Ouirgane Toubkal Trek
Tamatert Pass from Imenane Valley
4 Day Imenane, Tamatert and Toubkal Trek
Tamatert Pass in spring snow
5 Day Toubkal from Oukaimeden
Setti Fatma Waterfalls
Toubkal from Ourika Valley
Snowtime in the High Atlas
6 Day Ultimate Toubkal Circuit
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