"You´re off to great places!

Today is your Day!

Your mountain is waiting

So... Get on your way!"

Dr Seuss

Treks and Hikes in Morocco

High Atlas

The High Atlas Mountains dominate the skyline from so many places, especially in the heart of winter when its peaks are covered in snow; usually from November to May, though some years that has been different. The slopes glow pink when the sun sets, turning gold too at times. These peaks hide a myriad of remote valleys and villages, small towns like Imlil; the trail-head for most treks to Mount or Jbel Toubkal, are reached by local transport or mules. This is where the legendary hospitality is most apparent.

This is our favourite playground....... where epic adventures are waiting.

Desert Treks

Morocco is fortunate to be situated on the edge of one of the world’s largest unspoilt regions: the Sahara Desert. Sleep in traditional camel and goat hair tents and on rugs woven by the women, learn how to cook bread in the sand and find your way with the stars. Experience sunsets and sunrises out of this world, and the immensity of the sky; this at night is unbelievably spectacular.

This makes up a magical mystical dream destination for trekkers who are willing to challenge themselves against the elements.

Day Treks

The environs of Marrakech offer many exceptional one day treks for all levels including families, groups, individuals, couples and anyone who would like to discover for themselves what everyone is talking and writing about.

We have built up a network of families where we can take clients to have lunch in typical Berber houses. This means that you are able to directly help a family and enjoy traditional local food in authentic surroundings.  It gives you the opportunity to really connect with the locals.

Jbel Toubkal

Mount Toubkal stands at 4167 metres above sea level and is the highest in North Africa and west of the Nile River. Jbel or Jebel means Mountain and with its neighbouring peak of Ouanoukrim at 4088 metres form the Toubkal Massif. For half of the year it is usually covered in snow and although not classed as a technical climb, it does require crampons and ice axe for the ascent in winter.

We offer winter and summer treks, either just to the summit, part of a circuit and also as part of a multi-day trek including Berber villages and valleys.

Anti Atlas Mountains

The Anti Atlas runs almost 300 kilometres from the coastal city of Agadir to Ouarzazate with countless remote Berber Villages, ancient towns with hidden valleys and oases. It is somewhat less explored than the High Atlas, but no less beautiful. This is serious trekking country, great for biking, horse riding and white water rafting when seasonal rains permit. Colourful villages like Tafraoute are immersed in fruit and almond blossom in early spring, and are a photographers dream. Panoramic views are outstandingly breath-taking with volcanic rock formations that are spectacular to see and make the best campsites to watch sunset and sunrise.

Central High Atlas

Contrasting landscapes with high plateaus, sculpted gorges, canyons and dominating peaks make up this region east of Marrakech between Azilal and the Ziz Valley. The mighty peak that commands your attention, especially when snow covered between November and May, is Jbel Mgoun; at 4068 metres of altitude it rivals that of Mount Toubkal for peak bagging over 4000 m mountains. This makes the Central High Atlas a popular area for treks of 4, 5, 6 or more days. Hidden valleys are the true gems to discover as you explore, along with the friendly local Berber populations that farm those fertile stretches.

Info and What to Bring

The Atlas Mountains present some superb and also challenging treks with ascents and descents from 1500 to 4167m with high mountain passes. There are no age limits to hiking and trekking as long as you are in good physical shape, have a sense of adventure, are flexible and we recommend that you have adequate insurance. Guides are able to read your level of fitness and may alter your route if he feels it is too hard.

We aim to provide responsible tourism as much as possible and ask that you are mindful of what you bring and what you leave behind, how you impact on the environment and respect the places you visit.

My Story and Blog links

"Being in the hills is a vital part of life for me, it frees the spirit and the mind becomes more open when the cobwebs of modern life are blown away. It´s not just escapism, but a necessary part of being alive, which is unfortunately not appreciated by many people these days"

I wrote that in 1992 when I was doing some promotional work for the first Irish Mount Everest Expedition which one of my neighbours was taking part in. The same still applies today, all I have done is exchanged the Irish hills for the Moroccan Mountains!! More places to explore, more paths to discover, more experiences to share. Fantastic!! Trekking in Morocco is...."a simple kind of magic"