"When the well is dry, we know the worth of water"

Benjamin Franklin 

Community Projects - Water is Life

Idir´s well
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Water is Life.

Most people who are reading this have several taps in their houses which they turn on multiple times a day and receive flowing clean water without considering it for a moment. For many people it is not so. On my travels around the mountains and desert places of Morocco I come across situations that make me stop and ask...can I help. With some thoughtfully posed questions and a passion to succeed, the answer is often Yes.

Water is life, we cannot live without it; therefore it is my campaign title for projects I have initiated to get water for villages and individuals.

In May of 2017 I ran a campaign to fund a reservoir to water the 300 olive trees that my clients donated, we successfully raised almost $7000 and the building will start this winter. (Edit: this project was changed as the village was in desperate need for the track going from the road to the houses to be concreted as flash floods were washing away the mud ones and leaving no where for people to walk to reach their houses. It proved to be very successful when several severe flash floods came 4 times during 2018.)

Now in December, I am running a campaign to help a family in the Sahara who I known for a few years, to extend the depth of their well beyond the rock that is preventing them from getting water. It requires a rock breaker to access the groundwater and will enable them to have fresh vegetables from their garden as well as teaching local young men how to manage a sustainable garden in the desert. (Edit; this was not very successful, only 200 euros was raised.)

The are always projects being discussed and help sought.

With Climate Change on our minds and here in rural Morocco in front of our eyes, there is always work to do.

A well managed desert garden
Watering the olive saplings
sapling olive trees